mercredi 15 octobre 2014

Morning Gold Issue

This time was widely available where is a thick big majestic on war dog tammer. Face, color, body are leaving mid features of Shepherd that were crossed during the war, It called "Dewa system". Around this time, "Kongo issue" also Dewa system became top in the exhibition of all breeds organizations, even in Akita dog Preservation Society, won the same Dewa system of "morning gold issue" it's honorary award at the child of Kongo issue. The Dewa system there is also a strength of fertility, through the 1945's, there was a sweeping on momentum of the Akita dog world.

However, on the other hand is, as a foundation a slight purebred individuals, efforts closer to the original Akita Matagi dog by removing the features of foreign dogs such as Mastiff and German Shepherd dog, continue to center the Preservation Society was. Improvement, breeding, commitment to leadership is to bear fruit, but immobilization of as a large dog species has been realized, from around 1955, this "Ichinoseki system" has become the mainstream of the Akita dog. Before long, the dog of Dewa system, became that in Japan it is almost completely eliminated.

On the other hand, descendants of "Akita dog" at the time that went to the United States along with the return of the occupation soldiers, as the current "American Akita Dog", and including the United States, but has spread around the world, these are almost all Dewa it can be said to be the pedigree of the system. In many areas, its has been kept intact progeny of a dog at that time, now because [when?] Of the Japanese Akita dog is such a quite different appearance, and is regarded as its own breed. Even in JKC of dog species list, I have made ​​a separate section to American Akita.

In exceptional cases, the United States West Coast only, made ​​a branch of the Akita dog Preservation Society in 1969, annual exhibitions and ongoing guidance result, is no longer the same as Japan.

Then, Akita dog came to be nationally bred, I have come to the current [when?]. In 1977, to commemorate the Akita dog Preservation Society founded in '50, it was built in only a museum, "Akita dog Hall" Odate in Japan of breed organizations.